1. kmitt:

    Fashion Canada October 2014 “Double Double” photographed by Chris Nicholls, art by Jamie Lee Reardin

  2. blackfashion:

    Beanie, white short sleeved collarless dress shirt from h&m, aldo shades, and h&m dress pants

     Sigma Foxx




  3. 80s-90s-supermodels:

    Vogue Italia, September 1996
    Photographer: Steven Meisel
    Model: Kylie Bax

    (Source: pleasurephotoroom.wordpress.com)

  4. stormtrooperfashion:

    Josephine Skriver in “The Golden Hour” by Chris Colls for Porter Magazine #5, Winter 2014

  6. stormtrooperfashion:

    Sophie Vlaming in “The New Mod” by Tina Luther for Grazia Germany, September 2014

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  7. This is Miko, a champagne pink fox

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  8. Literally listening to a thunderstorm on my iTunes.

  9. stormtrooperfashion:

    Juana Carolina Martinez by Felipe Cuartas for C-Heads Magazine, September 2014

  10. 'Light out of darkness' ph. Tim Gutt

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  12. Vanity Fair, August 2014

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  13. "I’ve been hurt so bad and I still love so hard. I admire my heart for that."
    — Alexandra Elle, Words from a Wanderer (via silentious)

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  14. thearmsoftheoceann:

    Gemma Ward by Steven Meisel for Valentino F/W 2005

  15. stormtrooperfashion:

    Irene Hiemstra and Drake Burnette in “Sweater Weather” by Scott Trindle for W Magazine, August 2014