1. lelaid:

    Jerry Hall in Treatment for a Black Eye by Helmut Newton, Paris 1974

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    Rosali @ VIA Model management por Franz Grünewald ph.

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    Nicholas Hoult in “Sexy Beast” by Mario Testino for V Magazine Man, Spring/Summer 2014


  5. babefield:

    imagine your boss telling you to hamburger fold a document

    I was explaining something to my boss and art director the other day, and when I used the term “hamburger style” and they finally understood me.

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    Lee Hojeong and Seon Hwang by Hyea W Kang for Vogue Korea Apr 2014

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    Colinne Michaelis by Arnaud Pyvka for Marie Claire Italia, March 2014

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    Charon Cooijmans in “American Sweetheart” by Ben Weller for Vogue Netherlands, April 2014

  11. abbey lee kershaw for V+eL spring/summer 2014 ad campaign.

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    Linda and Naomi by Peter Lindbergh (1991)

    this is the look

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    ‘So Wot Is Wat?’ Dazed and Confused, October 1998.

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